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Styrofoam Snowman

Another Christmas craft with styrofoam balls- a cute craft that your kids can be creative with, so let them think about the snowman / snowwoman’s accessories. You may add a crown, cowboy hat, baseball bat, or anything else you like to personalize your snowperson. It’s great to do this Christmas craft with your family- let each of you make own snowperson and use them all as Christmas decorations!

Materials needed:


  1. Paint the cup black. Set aside to dry. Use the serrated knife and cut a small piece off of one of the styrofoam balls- this will be the bottom ball.
  2. Take half a wooden dowel and insert its one end into the styrofoam bottom ball- the other end insert into the top ball to stack them.
  3. Cut out of the green felt a long strip and wrap around the two styrofoam balls just like a scarf, cut slits into its ends, glue into place.
  4. Cut in half the pipe cleaner, insert each half on opposite sides of the bottom ball.
  5. Cut out gloves of the red felt, tape onto pipe cleaners’ ends.
  6. Glue the large buttons onto bottom ball. Glue the googly eyes onto top ball.
  7. Cut out a triangle of the orange construction paper, glue under the eyes. Glue the small buttons in a smile under the orange nose.
  8. Cut out a circle of black construction paper and a small piece of the center of circle- this one should be smaller than the opening of cup. Adhere the painted cup with tape to the construction paper circle.
  9. Glue the hat of the snowman.