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Snow Globes

Homemade globes let winter come into your home and free imagination. Any jar works for the project but baby-food or olive jars are maybe the best choices. Look for ceramic or plastic figurines at hobby shops or flea markets. At floral-supply stores synthetic evergreen tips are available. If the jar lid is not in seasonal color, paint it with oil-based enamel paint.


  1. remove the lid of the jar
  2. glue the figurine to the inside of the lid- once you find the right place for it, apply your adhesive sealant to its bottom, press the figurine onto the lid and hold for about five seconds
  3. let it dry- this should take about a day
  4. fill in the jar- get bottled /distilled/ water and pour the jar to the top
  5. add the glycerin- pour in about a dash of glycerin- this means you should poor the bottle of glycerin for a second. The glycerin lets the glitter fall down more slowly, as if it was snow
  6. pour in some glitter- use plastic glitter and sprinkle a small mountain of flakes into the water. Stir the contents with a spoon to mix everything together
  7. fill in the jar to the rim- if you don’t want your snow globe to have any air bubbles
  8. seal the lid- the jar might leak at first- it is because it is overflowing. Once dry the excess water, turn your jar over- you made a snow globe!

Turn your snow globe over and back again and let it snow!